Zombie Cop

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Zombie Cop

Zombie Cop

Entertainment is a business and there is one significant thing that is always linked to it: money. An industry that does not adequately generate money will have one definite outcome and it is bankruptcy. Hence, the entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry perform almost anything just to achieve their main goal, which is to earn as much as they possibly can.

Getting rich

J.R. Bookwalter must have been thinking of the same thing when he directed the film entitled “Zombie Cop”. He really did want to produce generous amount of money but in a manner that is not acceptable to professional artists whose sole purpose in creating a movie is to produce an extraordinary masterpiece.

Movie in a flash

Bookwalter made use of the same method when he directed his previous works like “The Dead Next Door” and “Blood Letting”. The movie director applied Shot on Video or SoV method of filming wherein a set of video clips is developed directly into a motion picture without retakes and professional editing.

Zero pleasure

It is quite disappointing to see such kind of film knowing that the whole production team does not, in any way, consider the enjoyment of the individuals who are going to watch their movie. Moreover, it is clear that the people who worked on this film carelessly released the “Zombie Cop” for public viewing without putting so much effort. It was apparent that they had no intention of providing movie enthusiasts with quality viewing.

Art no more

Sad to say, those who were responsible for crafting “Zombie Cop” did not take into account the satisfaction of their followers. Furthermore, they feigned artistry by ignoring the fact that their product did not even have the right dose of beauty and brilliance a work-of-art should normally possess. Instead, the entire team laid their concern only on the sum of money that they will gain upon issuing their poor-quality-type and disastrous motion picture for the public to see.

Trivial story

A movie with a nonsensical plot is not worth watching even if it is greatly advertised to the movie fanatics. One reason why the movie was badly criticized by many viewers is that there was not much of a story in Bookwalter’s movie. The 69-minute-movie did not hold influential plot that can attract viewers to a great extent.

Writer’s responsibility

The failure of “Zombie Cop” may partly be blamed at Matthew Jason Walsh’s poorly written story and script. The plot of Bookwalter’s was not that attractive and it also lacked creativity, making the film as dull as it can actually be.

Walsh’s previous stories were never really given so much attention since they are mediocre to say the least. A movie writer’s top responsibility is to provide a director something decent to work with. Walsh absolutely failed on this part as a member of the movie’s production team.

Editing ignored

Zombie Cop

Zombie Cop

As what has been previously stated, the film is a Shot on Video kind of movie wherein it will be released without undergoing a series of thorough review. “Zombie Cop” was not edited and they issued this movie knowing it had a substandard quality. If their team really desired to produce a masterpiece, then they should have at least tried to make some alterations on the film. But no, they did exactly the opposite. Hence, “Zombie Cop” flopped without having a chance to redeem itself since it was obvious that the movie has been rushed.

Director: J.R. Bookwalter
Cast: Leo Anastasio, James Black, Christina M. Bookwalter
Language: English
Genre: Action
Country: USA
Year: 1991


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