The Decoy

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The Decoy

The Decoy

Kreinbrick is bad as a director, but he is much worse as an actor, with a wooden expression and no acting skills at all.

The story is not all that bad because if it had been made by a professional, the film would at least have made some sense. Deputy John Cooper (Justin Kreinbrick) is faced by an uncomfortable situation wherein his duty to his service as a lawman is opposed by his inner feelings almost tempting him to listen to his head than to his heart. The banker and his wife have been murdered in cold blood by a group of murderers on the behest of an ex-employee of the bank who had apparently been refused the manager’s position at the bank succeeding the banker’s retirement.

Seeking revenge for notpost, the man gets together with a group of criminals to murder the old couple, who happen to be John Cooper’s in-laws. After murdering the couple, these bandits frame Martin, a local blacksmith who is mute and also Cooper’s long-standing best friend. Cooper is given the task of escorting Martin to the court for trial and on the way to the court, Cooper is deeply tempted to kill Martin himself, as revenge for killing his in-laws. Why he should have these thoughts is a bit absurd.

The two are oblivious of the fact that they are being followed by the actual murderers who want to kill Martin in order to bury the truth along with him. They try to stop Cooper from getting Martin to the court. The film involves in more absurdities than it makes any sense. The acting is pathetic that goes from stoned to over board, with actors giving a performance that is convincingly below average, which also goes to show how low budget the film is. There are many scenes in the film that are pointless and need not have been there.

The only plus point in the movie is the use of genuine locations and the good picturization of the Arizona desert landscape. If you are going to see the movie as a western film that is full of action, horses, dust and gun-toting cowboys, you can think again, as this movie could really dampen your spirits.

The Decoy

The Decoy

Like mentioned earlier, had there been some good actors and probably a more experienced director, the movie wouldn’t have been such a terrible disaster as this one has proved to be. It reflects poorly on the image of independent cinema, some of which can be of really exceptional quality.

If you are tempted to see how bad a film can get, then go ahead and sit through this movie, as The Decoy will show you exactly what one would mean by saying it’s a bad movie. Surprisingly, there are some who have found this movie quite a treat to watch. So the choice really lies on you whether you choose to watch this first-time venture or skip past it without bother.

Director: Justin Kreinbrink
Cast: Kevin Market,Jake McDaniel,Justin Kreinbrink
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2007


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