Project: Valkyrie

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Project: Valkyrie

Project: Valkyrie

Project: Valkyrie is an action comedy with strong sci-fi elements and a story spanning several decades of history. It is directed by Jeff Waltrowski, who also co-wrote ht script. First, however, let us clear up a few possible misconceptions or sources of confusion. This film does not really have anything to do with Operation Valkyrie, the failed conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler, nor is it connected Project Valkyrie, which is an as-yet unimplemented design for a manned spacecraft capable of traveling to other solar systems.

The story has its roots in the midst of World War II, when a scientist finds out that the Nazis have concocted a virus that turns infected people into murderous cyborgs. He builds a robot—the titular Valkyrie (played by both Jacob R. Ross and Christopher Maurer). We now flash forward to the present day, which is where the main story takes place. The scientist’s descendant, Jim Cranston (Steve Foland, who is the other co-writer) ends up discovering the disassembled robot and putting it back together. Of course, something else is also being reawakened at around the same time: the virus that Valkyrie was designed to combat in the first place. Jim, Valkyrie, and their allies must combat the cyborgs and defeat the virus once and for all.

As you can tell, the plot is neither realistic nor subtle. Attempts to call this film “relevant” because of its racist villains would be rather stretching the point. The film is quite aware of its own ridiculousness, and trusts the audience to be in on the joke. In fact, the entire movie has the vibe of pre-Alan Moore comic books, from the plot and themes to the costume and makeup designs. It is also not afraid to show its influences, though sometimes the references are too blatant and slightly lacking in imagination.

Jeff Waltrowski deserves credit for his work with his actors. The acting is fairly good all around. For example, you will not notice that Valkyrie is being played by two different actors in the robot suit. Steve Foland also makes a sympathetic hero. The neo-Nazi villains, who unleash the virus and also become cyborgs themselves, are fairly cartoonish, but in a way that goes well with the film’s not-100%-serious approach.

Of course, this being an action film, we do have to give some comments about the special effects and other production aspects. This being an indie film, we have to lower our expectations a bit. Even so, despite some unevenness in the quality of the makeup, the production is overall of good quality, particularly the design of Valkyrie himself.

Project: Valkyrie

Project: Valkyrie

Overall, this film is a great match for people who are in the mood for a genre movie, but are sick of bloated Hollywood blockbusters or gimmicky horror movies. Project: Valkyrie may not be perfect, but it shows a great deal of potential, and fans might want to keep an eye on the cast and crew to see what they come up with next. In a climate where far too many indie films are serious, grim, and pretentious, it is very refreshing to find a movie that knows how to have fun, and is out to give its audience a good time.

Director: Jeff Waltrowksi
Cast: Steve Foland,Dave Droxler,Jimmie Kuhl,Anne Richardson,Brandon Yustince
Language: English
Genre: Action
Country: USA
Year: 2004


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